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Ceremony Fabric Collection

Velved  Ceremony Fabric Collection

For a nice and unique ceremonies , our ceremony colleciton has very rich desings and fabrics. The material is not so important for a nice and chick ceremony., 

Should be shiny and so attractive with unique jacquard technique woven and with fashion patterns. 

That patterns can be colerfull , elegant , micro , fantastic , patch  , geometric etc. 

The the fabric materials can be  , wool ceremony fabric  , viscose ceremont fabric  , cotton velved ceremont fabrics with any type of woven but the sateen woven is of paramount importance .  

All material of fabric can produce with sateen woven technique to use for ceremony suit  , dinner suit  or all kind of tuxedos. Also for lapel and or any part of suit , sateen fabrics are so usefull as like piping of trousers, flap of jackets or sateeen button covers. 

For all kind of our ceremony fabric collection , we are inviting you to our fabric showrooms. 

Jacquard Ceremony Fabrics 

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