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REady stock servıce

You can buy on ready stock which collection is avalable . 

label change servıce

You can buy on ready stock and we can use your label on our products , so you can sell good with your brand name .

custom order

We can produce your design with your fabrics or you can choose any design to change any part for custom prodcuction.

mtm servıce

MTM service is Made To Measurement service   . We can produce personally custom fit suit for you . 

ready stok çapa

Ready Stock 

-Buy on Ready  Stock

- Unique Designs and Quantites 

-New Collection All Season

How can i buy on ready stock  ? 

You can use ready stock service from our showrooms and our online store . This service is for shop and boutique owners who wanna buy less quantity for selling uniq designs . You can buy any size and any design with very compatitive prices from our ready collection stocks. 

We are making on our collection very unique design and less quantity for boutiques and we 

labe change service

label chance  servıce

custom order

custom order

mtm service

mtm service

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