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Pure Wool  &  Wool Blend Fabrics 

The wool fabric has very exclusive dynamics as like comfort , prestige and healt. When you are wearing wool , your comford will be on top with wool comford dynamics as like keep cool in summer and keep warm in winter.


Also wool yarn has natural strech and make your comford more.  

For prestige of course about the price and looks your economix power cause wool fabrics mostly 3 times more expensive than other kind of polyester suits . Also care of your wool fabrics products is not easy as well , if you can rest of your wool clothes day by day , your clothes life will be more long.


Wearing wool , healting more , is feel yourself more positive cause wool can breath and can send out your body electric.  On the other hand in summer you wool can keep your body coold and for winter can be extremly warm , so it is a natural yarn and one of the best yarn for your clothets and your exclusivity. 

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