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Viscose Yarn Fabric Collection

Basically, it’s wood pulp that has undergone significant chemical processing to turn it fabric.


The wood pulp (usually from beech, eucalyptus, pine or bamboo) is dissolved and becomes a viscous solution. That solution is 100% cellulose, which is a molecule made up of oxygen, hydrogen and carbon atoms.


So its half natural fabric but high perpormed about price and use . So with elestan it can be more flexiable to use comfort suit and jackets  , jogger trousers and shirts. Viscose and viscose mix fabrics are the most usefull fabric in the work for suiting industry now. 

Finally, the yarn and finishing texhnology improved viscose fabric feeling much more better than before and with wool touch and fancy yarns , finishing can be perfect on viscose quality fabric.  

We are inviting you to our showroom's to expo our latest viscose fabric collections to you  . 

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