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Do you like to wear SAFARI SUIT ?

Safari suits were in fashion in the early 70’s, rocking there way from celebrities to commoners trying to look all classy. To be very honest safari suits go along with monophonic personalities and people who claim to be rich enough to support their classy ambiance.

In today’s world, safari suit are mostly worn in Middle East Asia. Indians being a big fan of safari suit, know that they are comfortable and classy at the same time. Mostly the people who work in departments like education or the government prefer wearing safari suits. I don’t know why but they think safari suits make them more official than others. Being official in their case means, people who have more power or superiority over others.

Talking about superiority, Indians have this mindset that people sway above them if they have political affiliations. Now their drama industry might not support such nature, but the mentality of the majority has made peace with the safari suits. Whenever you see someone wearing a safari suit, it is pretty clear that they are highly official with the government.

Even in their government or education only elderly workers like to wear safari suits. With the upcoming generation, this trend is changing gradually. Safari suits exist for both men and women but in the Middle East, a safari makes a man official and a saree makes a women official.

Now you might be thinking what kind of absurd cognitive development is this. Well if you dig deep in history, you’ll understand that the roots of safari suits making you official do not begin within India or the subcontinent. During the colonial times when India used to be the Golden Sparrow or the Asian pocket of the British empire, British officials were trying to amalgamate their living standards into colonial India. That’s when India started to adapt the west. If you analyze India, you can find several traits that originally lead to Britishers or the Europe. Starting from the educational reforms to the political agendas, India has always looked up to Britain for inspiration.


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I don't think your promotional commentary is a great seller for safari wear. In fact it would put me off buying it

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