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Updated: Oct 21, 2020

You sure are interested in the wholesale markets of Turkey, if you have entered this BLOG.

As you know, every product made in the world has high, medium or low quality. So does the wholesale markets, they consist of multiple quality levels. This article is about one of the highest quality wholesale markets in Turkey, and is called “Osmanbey”.

The wholesale market “Osmanbey” is located in Istanbul. It’s very convenient to get into this market from two Istanbul airports (IST - Istanbul New Airport and SAW - Sabiha Gökçen Airport). The cheapest way to get into this market is using the airport bus HavaBüs (HAVAŞ), which takes to the Taksim Square. Osmanbey is located 2 km away from Taksim Square. You can always have a beautiful walk in the most magnificent city in the World, or you can take a taxi or the metro.

Osmanbey wholesale market offers clothing for men, women and children. The market was one of the famous places since ancient times, as it was and currently is the main market to purchase high quality goods.

Nowadays, Osmanbey has been turned into an open-air exhibition where quality goods are traded in wholesale boutiques. The market is the main place in the city where the fashion goods are designed, produced and sold.

Osmanbey wholesale market is known for selling the highest quality textiles and ready-made garments in the Turkish market. The market provides quality products in an enormous capacity. The value of the products in the market is increased due to use of skilled labor.

Osmanbey market was open for trading for nearly a half century, containing over 5000 companies, which produce their products and fifty percent of goods are exported worldwide. The main countries which receive goods from this market are European, African, Asian countries, Russia and USA.

Over the decades, Osmanbey wholesale market has only increased the reputation in the world market and trades its quality goods to different countries in the World.

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